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Author: CYVO Admin | 20th January, 2023

In order to maintain their security in the upcoming Web3 era, both non-crypto and crypto communities are actively searching for solutions to maintain their privacy and data protection. This is why we at CYVO are actively taking it as our social responsibility to provide our community with the necessary solutions to keep them secure and hack-free.

This week as part of our community engagements and spreading the word on CYVO, we conducted an AMA with the centralized exchange Digital Financial Exchange known as DIFX on the topic: “A New Era For Web3 Data Protection”

Here’s a quick recap of what went down in case you missed it!

DIFX Moderator:

Today we have with us Ann Frank, the CEO OF, an upcoming Cybersecurity blockchain solution, with multiple quantum encryption products like a Digital Wallet, an OS & a Web Browser. They are also launching their very own ecosystem utility token called CYVO, which will power their community & products.

Hello Everyone!!!! Such amazing energy and excitement for the AMA!!

Key housekeeping rules:
  • Only 10 winners have been selected from the Twitter Questions & each will win 5 USDT.
  • Rewards will only be distributed to registered DIFX Users within 5 working days.
  • If we suspect any fraudulent behaviour we have the right to disqualify the user.
  • Duplicate accounts will not be rewarded.
  • Please make sure you follow CYVO & DIFX on their community platforms!
  • All other Terms and Conditions apply.
  • If you are an AMA winner, DM us on Twitter at @DIFX_io with your winning handle your registered DIFX email, UID and Name.

Good to see you Ann, welcome to the DIFX community! 👋🏻

Ann Frank

Thank you for the warm welcome!

DIFX Moderator

So, without further delay let's start!

It's a great pleasure to have you join us and tell us more about your exciting new project. Before we get into all things CYVO, could you briefly introduce yourself?

Ann Frank

Hello Once again!! Thank you everyone for joining us at this AMA.

I’m super excited to bring CYVO to the world and it’s an honour to represent such a brand that is so relevant and an absolute need of the hour.

As CEO, of a predominately cybersecurity-based company, we firmly believe that our continuous societal obligation extends beyond providing the most secure digital solutions on the market to also educate the public about cybersecurity, data encryption, and overall privacy in general.

Our products take complex security problems and simplify them for the common man, making cybersecurity available to everyone.

I am very excited to lead this company into a sphere that is much needed at this time when hacks are so easily carried out.😊

DIFX Moderator

So tell us about CYVO! How did the idea come about?

Ann Frank

A majority of people believe their online and offline activities are being monitored and tracked. Fraudsters will always discover sophisticated ways to steal data and online financial assets therefore it is up to us to protect ourselves from these illicit attacks.

This is where CYVO comes in.

We are developing a series of revolutionary quantum encryption & blockchain-based cryptographic solutions to protect users’ privacy and prevent data theft.🙂

So we’ve read that you guys have quite a few interesting developments in place, is there any specific time they are being launched?

Our 4 products are an Ultra secure OS, CYVO Web Browser, A Digital Asset Wallet & Decentralised Stealth Storage.

These will be released in stages so that we always keep room for new innovations that will be added along the way continuously to ensure we stay abreast with the tech developments around the world.

If fraudsters are not slowing down; we cannot afford to as well.

Sounds great, we are actually excited for the coming updates and developments in CYVO.

DIFX Moderator

Following up on the previous question could you give us a detailed explanation on what the 4 products are and how we can use them?

Ann Frank

To give you an overview –
Ultra-secure OS - Can be used on any TPM chipped Laptop to ensure the highest safety gateway installed on your hardware which doesn’t allow uninvited guests of any sorts.

CYVO Web Browser - safeguards your browsing data & history and doesn’t allow any form of tracking and monitoring. It stores nothing when you shut down and log out, making sure you have no intruders into your cache.

A Digital Asset Wallet – with revolutionary features allowing you safety with the ease of use and unsurpassed secure communication medium and finally;

Decentralised Stealth Storage – an efficient and cost-effective way to store data and access it from around the globe in a safe and secure environment keeping you in complete control of your data.

I hope the above was not a very lengthy answer - but I wanted to give everyone an idea of what our amazing products are

DIFX Moderator

Great! This was an excellent explanation.

CYVO sounds like one of the safest, encrypted, open-source digital assets which ensure privacy.

Since keeping WEB3 secure is CYVO’s mission, could you give us your top 3 security tips for new & existing crypto traders?

Ann Frank

Thank you - we are very proud of our products as they have taken a lot of time in research and development

Excellent question considering we are surrounded by hacks and threats all the time.

First Tip is very basic - Use good passwords, ensure you have 2FA & never store passwords online.

Wasn't that an easy one??

Secondly - Spread out your assets around.

Split them up and reduce vulnerability.

Your crypto is only as secure as your wallet so ensure you have a trusted one. And finally

Avoid storing a large portion of your crypto on only exchanges – remember the famous quote – not your keys – not your crypto

DIFX Moderator

Thanks for sharing Ann!

Ann Frank

Absolutely! Its the easy steps that we need to do to ensure safety and data security For everything else - YOU HAVE CYVO

DIFX Moderator

These security tips and features actually make CYVO one of the safest platforms for users who value their privacy and data security!

Ann Frank

Thank you!

DIFX Moderator

So we hear the CYVO token actually powers your entire ecosystem. Could you tell us a bit more about the token and its utility?

Ann Frank

Absolutely!! The CYVO token is on the Ethereum Multichain and apart from being able to trade it on exchanges, it also powers our entire ecosystem.

You can use it to buy the products at discounted prices via the tokens & renew annual subscriptions on a timely basis with specialized discounts and offers.

DIFX Moderator

So, together with trading, we get the benefits of discounted tokens and subscription features as well as being in the CYVO ecosystem.

Ann Frank

Is it not an excellent opportunity!!!??

DIFX Moderator

The project certainly has a great future! What are your team’s next plans, what can the community look forward to on your current roadmap?

Ann Frank

Our OS is in its final stages of testing and has started to load it up with our browser.

We have just finalized our wallet’s user interface and experience and now proceed to the actual software deployment, additionally, our Browser and OS are also set to launch this year itself.

We also have one “secret product” developed which I believe will bring a revolutionary solution to cyber-security issues. We will announce the news soon so follow us on our socials and on our telegram community

Regarding the CYVO token, we’re working with partners to prepare for our token launch and listing.

This will strengthen our resources and facilitate a successful listing when market sentiment comes back.

There are GiveAways and multiple contests and events running right now in our Telegram community with attractive Rewards.
Feel free to join us:

DIFX Moderator

Amazing & good luck to the CYVO team for the upcoming events - core developments!

Ann Frank

Thank you! Our developers are constantly working hard to stay ahead of the technology that is used to hack and scam people and companies - It is vital we all stay vigilant and thats the first step to data security and safety

DIFX Moderator

Also, we are excited about that secret product you mentioned above. DIFX community members would definitely love to be part of and join the opportunity to contribute to CYVO.

Ann Frank


DIFX Moderator

As part of your marketing activities, will you be doing any airdrops or giveaway campaigns?

Ann Frank

Ongoing development can be tracked on our website and our socials at all times.

We just concluded our first airdrop and dispersed the tokens as well. We are running contests and campaigns allowing you to win USDT by carrying out simple tasks

our community is still new but very very engaged with us

And to reward them and their energy - our giveaways are ongoing

This year especially we are focussing on community growth through various engaging activities since we are still in the building stage of our brand.

We usually do quite a few puzzles, polls and other community activities to really educate our members on the importance of data security.

In fact, currently to celebrate our new OS launch we are doing a 100 USDT giveaway to our community members, which you can join at

DIFX Moderator

Wow! Everyone here would definitely to get educated about the data security with CYVO by collaborating in the official community.

Ann Frank

Yes! That's the idea. As I began by stating it is our societal responsibility to educate people about the dangers of data theft and help protect and safeguard people.

DIFX Moderator

Thanks for sharing! Make sure not to miss the ongoing giveaway and also try not to miss the coming opportunities by following CYVO on social media platforms.

Could you share with us how and where we can follow CYVO?

I’m sure the community is excited to be updated on your latest and future developments!

Ann Frank

For SURE!! Do connect with us here!!

For all information on our project – you know where to find us




⬇️ Downloads:



I look forward to seeing you all on our social handles, talking to us, asking us questions and leading the way forward ensuring that as a community we are more vigilant and socially responsible towards our data and private information.

With a cyber attack carried out every 33 seconds in 2022, our data can only be secured if we make this our highest priority

DIFX Moderator

Thanks, Ann for briefing us with the right information and details!

Ann Frank

Always a pleasure!!!

Top 10 Twitter Community Questions

DIFX Moderator

So, now we are going to pick and answer the community member’s questions that were dropped in the comment section of the AMA tweet.

Q1 from Twitter user: Apollo @MdApollo20042

Are you a global project or a local project? Which market are you currently focusing on? Is it focused on building and growing customers, users and partner profits?

Ann Frank

Hi Apollo! Thank you for your question. Cybersecurity is a global problem and thus we are a global project reaching out to various regions, countries and a variety of industries too.

Our main aim is to provide accessible, inexpensive yet state-of-the-art quantum encrypted daily use products that safeguard you 🙂

DIFX Moderator

Great, I hope Apollo has got the right answers!

Q2 from Twitter user: SH Rabbi @rabbish181

Do you have any big promotions going on or any events? What are your project roadmap plans for upcoming events?

Ann Frank

Hello Rabbish181! Our updated brand roadmap is available on the website

We have many airdrops, community specialized events, product launches and a number of weekly engaging contests that we run on a regular basis.

In fact, currently to celebrate our new OS launch we are doing a 100 USDT giveaway to our community members, which you can join at 💰

Q3 from Twitter user: Umme Habiba @habimoni02

Can you give us 1-3 killer features about your project to convince me and other big investors to invest in your project for the Long-term?

Ann Frank

Hello Habimoni02!! You've put me in a fix!! I have so many features to share with you; how will i be able to choose just 3!

Let me begin with some top features that include - Easy to access products, multi-tiered encryption – LUKS, AES 256 and Quantum encrypted daily use products

All our products come with Inbuilt protection by way of multi-factor authentication, utilization of TOR networks and resistance to pattern sniffing & intrusion tactics.

See I told you – I couldn’t restrict myself to just 3! 🔐

Q4 from Twitter user Red Rose @RedRose3110

So many projects just like to speak about the "long term vision and mission" but what are your short terms objectives? What are you focusing right now?

Ann Frank

Hi Red Rose! I love Vision and Mission related questions. Cant grow without either so thank you for your question/

Right now, we are working tirelessly to deliver our products based on the strict timeline we have set for ourselves.

Alongside that, we are heading into the IDO phase where our tokens will be in the pre-sale stages and ready to list in the coming months.

Our main ongoing mission currently is to build a community of likeminded privacy and security-driven individuals so come join us




Q5 from Twitter user Teleport Jak @JakTeleport

What are the benefits of holding your CYVO token as long term investment? Can you tell us about the motivation and benefits for investors to keep the your CYVO token in the long run?

Ann Frank

Hi Jakteleport; since our product is a utility token, it can be used in our ecosystem at any time to purchase products and annual subscriptions. The long-term benefits of holding our tokens ensure that while our products are launched and constantly updated in stages to keep up with new technology the token prices as well continue to rise based on our performance and meet market deadlines and targets. Hope you have your answer.

Q6 from Twitter user Asaduzzaman @Asaduzz26453181

Hacking has become more sophisticated, and the potential for cyber strikes is a terrifying menace... So, how secure is the #CYVO platform? What security methods and systems does #CYVO employ to secure user assets and data from hackers?

Ann Frank

Hi Asaduzzaman, Couldn’t agree with you more!! Every aspect of the OS is custom configured.

The Products have inbuilt protection by way of quantum encryption, multi-factor authentication, utilization of TOR networks and resistance to pattern sniffing & intrusion tactics.

The Open source browser automatically blocks online advertisements, and website trackers and protects from browser fingerprinting.

For the Wallet, we employ multi-tiered encryption – LUKS, AES 256 and quantum encryption tech which has been built to be future-ready and secure.

As you can see; I got carried away with a lengthy answer but it is critical to know how much research and development has gone into making the world’s leading encryption products.

Q7 from Twitter user @ibeingJackie

Can I purchase CYVO products using my CYVO tokens & What are the benefits I will have when I use the tokens for such a purchase?

Ann Frank

Excellent Question IbeingJackie and I’m glad you asked it so others can know the true utilitarian value of our tokens.

Having and holding the CYVO tokens allows you to spend the same in our ecosystem where you can benefit by gaining discounts on products and specialized offers on annual subscriptions.

Q8 from Twitter user Alexa @Alexa34333

I read about the multifactorauthentication ,can you explain more about how it is going to work? It is one of best and unique feature i saw in the market

Ann Frank

Hi Alexa34333! Hope I didn’t miss a 3 anywhere!!

To not get too technical, I will simplify it for you - We use solo keys for authentication in a challenge and response method ensuring the safety and security of the users data.

This way without your response to the challenge, no one can enter the gateway.

This ensures you have NO intruders or piggybackers of any sort into your system

Q9 from Twitter user Deniel Turk @TurkDeniel

I read in the whitepaper that data going to be encrypted of users activity, how is that mechanism going to work in CYVO'S browser?

Ann Frank

Hi Deniel, In all our products, we are implementing LUKS Full disk encryption based on an enhanced version of crypt setup, using AES cypher in XTS mode

This is with effective 256-bit encryption where our root, boot and bios are encrypted within the system that encrypts the boot partition & will make sure the kernel and internal files are always in an encryption state.

The browser automatically blocks online advertisements, and website trackers and protects from browser fingerprinting keeping you.

Q10 from Twitter user Mira akter @Miraakter11

Could you introduce briefly about #CYVO tokenomics? And tell us more about Total supply and Starting price per token? How many tokens will be minted in future and how many tokens will be locked by the team/Investors?

Ann Frank

HI Miraakter11!! The total supply is 1.5 billion tokens and we have the breakdown shown on the website.

We have a section for staking, listing even bounties so head over to our website to find out more

For all information on our project – you know where to find us




⬇️ Downloads:




DIFX Moderator

Amazing! Thanks for all the support and guidance on CYVO today in this outstanding AMA session Ann.

Ann Frank

Thank you, everyone!! Such a pleasure to talk to you.

I look forward to seeing your support as we work towards a safer, well-protected and data-secure environment.

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