An Operating System (OS) in today’s world is the gateway through which we perform a series of tasks with our digital devices to access the online virtual world for various purposes. Several hackers have often exploited security loopholes in vulnerable OS for sinister motives.

CYVO’s Operating System is designed for discerning customers who value their privacy.


Every aspect of the hardware has been custom configured to disable any tracking components

Components configured to only work in the secure mode

Full disk encryption

Designed from the ground up with counter measures to thwart any form of intrusion

Physical Solokey Login – Ultra-secure 2 factor security with credential challenge

Impenetrable by any third party

Custom OS does not allow any third party apps

Cache System flashes after every session

Encrypted VPN

RAM wipe at each reboot
Ultra-secure Laptop Features

MAC address changes every time you
re-connect to internet

Multi-tiered access control with self-destruct mechanism at each stage

Brute force hack proof

User data including all messages and media are encrypted end-to-end with quantum encryption

Custom application suite for essential software like spreadsheet, e-mail, chat, TOR Browser

Inbuild supersecure VPN

Full disk LUKS encrypted

No root access

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